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Reasons To Use The Vakula Law Firm

1. To protect your rights

We are Arizona trained and licensed attorneys. We limit our practice to the exclusive representation of individuals who have been harmed by the fault of irresponsible persons or companies. We know what it takes to make sure that you are treated fairly and to make sure the insurance companies and their attorneys do not treat you unfairly.

2. We will keep the insurance companies from harassing you

One of the biggest headaches people run into after being involved in an accident is the relentless phone calls and harassing conversations received from the responsible party's insurance company. We can make sure that these unpleasant interactions cease. No one wants to be treated unfairly. We will take care of handling the insurance company representative, so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

3. We can help you find appropriate medical care

Often times, people involved in collisions are not sure where to turn for medical help. Of course, the most important concern for anyone injured in an accident is to seek out a qualified health care professional for treatment of their injuries as soon as possible. We have the resources to help you find health care professionals who can provide you with the treatment you need to get back on your feet and back to your normal life. Sometimes people do not have the health insurance coverage needed to see a doctor. Sometimes people are new to town and simply do not know where to go. Sometimes people seek out care from physicians who actually work for the insurance companies. We can help you find physicians who have your best interests at heart in making sure you recover as fully as possible from any injury suffered in an accident.

4. Coordination of insurance coverage

Often times, people are confused by the different insurance coverages which may be available to them. They are not sure which company they should make claims with and what coverages apply to their particular situation. They are concerned their own insurance rates may increase if they make a claim. We can help you coordinate the gambit of coverages which may apply to your case, including liability, medical payments coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, health insurance, property damage and rental claims.

5. Get your vehicle fixed

Sometimes the biggest problem an injury victim faces is getting transportation following an accident when the victim's vehicle has been severely damaged and is undriveable. We can help explore the various avenues for repair or replacement of your vehicle and coordinate those efforts as soon as possible, so you can get back on the road. Sometimes insurance companies unfairly delay investigations of claims in order to create more stress and pressure on an injury victim who is not only hurt, but who also has no transportation. We can help alleviate these problems for you.

You may also be entitled to damages for the DIMINISHED VALUE OF YOUR VEHICLE. Often times, once a vehicle is repaired, the actual value of the vehicle has decreased because of the damages suffered in a collision. We have the knowhow and experts available to help make sure that all of your vehicle damages are fully compensated.

6. Get a rental vehicle

In situations where a victim's car has been damages and is undriveable from an accident, we can help coordinate obtaining rental vehicles through appropriate available insurance coverage. Even if a rental vehicle is not obtained, under Arizona law, a "LOSS OF USE" claim may be available. We can help you document these losses and get them submitted for reimbursement.

7. Preserve witness testimony

It is important at the outset of an accident to preserve testimony of any independent witnesses to your collision. It is important to get this information on the record as soon as possible and before memories fade. We have the knowhow and investigators available to obtain this information, so as to protect your claim.

8. We know the experts needed to help prove your case

Sometimes there are disagreements about who is responsible for a collision. Sometimes there is more than one person responsible for a collision and joint claims have to be made. Sometimes the insurance company for the responsible party claims you were at fault. Sometimes the insurance company claims you have not proven the full extent of your harms and losses. We know the experts that can help prove who was at fault and how badly you have been damaged. Such experts can include accident reconstructionists, expert medical witnesses, vocational experts, economists, metallurgists, failure analysis experts, automobile experts, tire failure experts, etc.

9. Protection from liens claims

Following a collision, accident victims are bombarded with paperwork from various sources claiming entitlement of reimbursement from any money collected by the victim. Oftentimes, liens are filed with the County Recorder's office or liens are sent personally to the victim, demanding reimbursement. These liens can be received from hospitals, health care providers, insurance companies, health insurance companies, AHCCCS, Medicare, etc. Oftentimes, these liens are not legal and do not have to be paid. We can help sort through these claims, to make sure you are protected.

10. We will make sure you are treated fairly

We will advise you about all aspects of your claim and what you can expect to accomplish with our assistance. We will help explain the legal process to you. The insurance company representative for the responsible party is trying to pay you as little as possible on your claim. That is the representative's job.

The insurance representative is only looking out for the insurance company. We will make sure that someone is looking out for YOU!

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