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Phoenix Vehicle Diminished Value Lawyers

After an Auto Accident in Arizona, Beware of Insurers Who Undervalue Totaled or Damaged Vehicles

After an auto accident, the top priority is of course the physical well-being of drivers, passengers, bicyclists or pedestrians. In addition to financial losses resulting from injury, however, people involved in auto accidents often have another important concern: loss of use of a car or diminished value of the vehicle involved in the accident.

For many people, a car is a major investment, second only perhaps to their home. People depend on their cars to get to work and to safely transport their families.

Auto insurance policies are sold with the understanding that both property and injury losses will be covered. People involved in car accidents are often dismayed to discover that insurers low-ball the dollar value assigned to damaged vehicles. This often represents a serious loss to a client who relies on a car for dependable transportation — or someone who owes a significant amount on the car loan. The vehicle's diminished value is a real loss that should be properly compensated for by the insurer.

When Insurers Deny Compensation for a Vehicle's Diminished Value

Insurers often decide to pay for repairs to a car that should be totaled. They may far underestimate the diminished value of a car that has been damaged.

While injuries are our main focus at The Vakula Law Firm, PLC, we have had considerable success representing vehicle owners with regard to value of their cars and trucks after crashes. We employ experts as necessary to document losses and compel insurers to make good on their policies.

Schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney after your car or truck was heavily damaged in a crash. Contact a Phoenix lawyer at the law offices The Vakula Law Firm, PLC by phone or by e-mail through this Web site. Seek help compelling insurance companies to pay what you deserve and are entitled to after your vehicle is involved in an accident.

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