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Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle accident victims often face an uphill climb after a crash, in more ways than one:

  • Their injuries are often more severe than injuries from car accidents.
  • Bias against motorcyclists is often a problem as insurance claims adjusters, judges and juries assume the motorcyclist is at fault — despite evidence that a driver of a car or truck struck a motorcycle due to failure to watch out or yield.
  • Although motorcycle helmets are only required for riders below age 18 in Arizona, an injury victim's lack of a helmet may fuel further bias against motorcyclists.

The possible causes of motorcycle accidents are as variable as causes of any accident:

  • Inattentiveness by drivers of cars and/or motorcyclists
  • Road construction and defective road surfaces
  • Traffic violations by cars, trucks or buses
  • Defective parts of a car or motorcycle

Injuries to motorcyclists may run the gamut from minor to severe:

  • Road rash or skin injury
  • Broken bones
  • Back and neck injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Biker head injury)
  • Fatal injuries leading to a wrongful death claim

The guidance of an experienced attorney can help you identify insurance coverage and other sources of compensation, including personal assets of responsible parties. Contact The Vakula Law Firm, PLC to schedule a consultation after an Arizona motorcycle accident and learn how our lawyer's aggressive advocacy can make a lasting difference.

Nuestro abogado hablo español. The Vakula Law Firm, PLC is fully prepared to handle claims on behalf of Spanish-speaking clients.

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