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Phoenix Animal Attack Lawyers

Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney: Dog Bites

Dog bite injuries present their own particular medical and legal issues, including the following:

  • A dog bite injury may mean that a victim will need plastic surgery at some point — sometimes months or years later — to recover as much of their original appearance as possible.
  • A dog bite injury is prone to infection and therefore requires immediate medical evaluation and treatment.
  • Some dog bite victims suffer permanent damage that goes beyond the physical harm. Social stigma and post-traumatic stress syndrome are real outcomes for some animal attack victims. Children and young women in particular often have their futures dramatically changed as a result of scarring and disfigurement from bites and scratches.

The Vakula Law Firm, PLC has more than 25 years of experience representing postal workers and others who have been injured by dogs or other animals. The law firm is committed to uncovering all available sources of compensation (such as the dog owner's homeowners insurance) and helping the victim secure sufficient compensation to provide for any necessary plastic surgery or psychological counseling.

Clients of The Vakula Law Firm, PLC soon realize that we fight with determination and zeal in pursuit of a fair outcome on their behalf after a dog bite or any animal attack injury. Nicholas E. Vakula is a certified specialist in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. Schedule a consultation by calling the law firm or completing an intake form on our " Contact Us" page.

Schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney about injuries caused by a Rottweiler, pit bull, bulldog or any other breed. Contact Arizona lawyer The Vakula Law Firm, PLC by phone or by e-mail through this Web site.

Nuestro abogado hablo español. The Vakula Law Firm, PLC handles a great many accidental injury claims on behalf of Spanish-speaking clients.

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