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Phoenix Auto Defects Lawyer

Phoenix Products Liability Attorney: Auto Defect Injury Claims

Representing Victims of Corporate Negligence

After an auto accident, it is often assumed that the cause of injury or death was a traffic violation or driver error. Upon closer investigation, the root cause is often a defective auto part such as:

Tire tread separation is a real danger on hot Arizona highways. If a seat belt or air bag was substandard, and the result was serious injury, a certified personal injury attorney at The Vakula Law Firm, P.C., is ready to take on the challenge of pursuing compensation from the manufacturer, inspector or installer of the equipment.

Auto defect cases often require close collaboration with evidence experts such as engineers or safety inspectors. They understand industry standards and know when standards have been violated. We know the law, and when and how to pursue compensation for injury victims.

The possibility of an auto defects claim is the reason that we always take action to preserve and protect a vehicle after a serious crash until it can be thoroughly examined. We can obtain a court order to preserve a crashed vehicle if necessary.

Clients of The Vakula Law Firm, P.C., soon realize that our law firm fights with determination and zeal in pursuit of a fair, favorable outcome on their behalf after a car accident involving auto defects. Nicholas E. Vakula is a certified specialist in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. Schedule a consultation by calling the law firm or completing an intake form.

Schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney about injuries caused by defective or improperly installed auto parts. Contact our personal injury lawyers by phone or by e-mail through this website regarding air bag injuries, a roof crush injury or any traffic accident.

Nuestro abogado hablo español. The Vakula Law Firm, P.C., handles auto defect claims on behalf of Spanish-speaking clients.

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