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Phoenix Tire Defects Attorney

As they say "a lot is riding on your tires." When we travel at highway speeds, our engines' RPMs (revolutions per minute) are high, and so are our tires'. They must be designed and manufactured to perform with absolute reliability.

Especially with SUVs, pickups and other vehicles with a high center of gravity, a tire suddenly blowing can throw the car into a rolling, hurtling car accident or trucking accident. When you lose control of your vehicle, it can easily go off the road and crash into whatever hard or dangerous object happens to be there.

The suddenness of a tire blowout makes it almost impossible for the driver to do anything about it to avoid an auto accident, even a fatal accident.

Unfortunately, negligence by parties in the tire business has resulted in more crashes in recent years, including the Firestone crisis in which many lost their lives. B.F. Goodrich and other manufacturers' tires also had a high rate of failure.

Tread Separation

A frequent problem involves poor bonding of the tire's steel belt to rubber components. The tire can literally come apart as you speed down the highway.

Tire Defects

Rubber also ages more detrimentally than many auto parts. If you were sold tires that had been stored improperly or were simply too old to be safe, this may be the cause of your accident. The seller is probably liable for your damages.

To learn more about auto defects and products liability, why tires fail, and what you can do if the negligence of the manufacturer or marketer has caused your accident and injuries, contact the Vakula Law Firm, P.C., in Phoenix. Attorney Nicholas Vakula has over 25 years of experience in Arizona personal injury law. He is certified as a legal specialist in injury and wrongful death litigation.

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