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Phoenix Defective Brakes Lawyer

Automobiles are, for the most part, safer than they were a couple of decades ago. They are, however, more complicated now. Modern braking systems are not as simple as you might imagine, like a bicycle's brakes. Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong, and defective brakes and brake failure on the highway can end in a fatal accident.

Aside from the brake pads themselves, the system includes: hydraulic lines, brake fluid, brake drums, linings, rotors and other parts, depending on the make and model.

When brakes fail, whose fault is it?

  • Poor basic design?
  • Manufacturing defects (use of poor quality or dangerous materials, faulty installation, etc.)?
  • Mechanics' errors (failing to notice a problem, incorrect repair job, etc.)?

If you have been injured in an accident where a brake problem is suspected, talk to a lawyer experienced in investigating where in the chain of design, manufacture, maintenance or elsewhere the problem(s) occurred. Our law firm seeks out any and all parties potentially liable for your damages.

Nicholas Vakula, at the Vakula Law Firm, P.C, has over 25 years of experience in Arizona personal injury law. He is certified as a legal specialist in injury and wrongful death litigation. Contact our office to learn more about auto defects and product liability.

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If you have been involved in any auto accident such as a car accident or truck accident contact an attorney by phone or by e-mail to schedule a consultation. Nuestro abogado hablo español.

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